Administrative Staff
Rev. Clarence Guy
President & Chief Executive Officer
1 (501) 940-9404[email protected]
Mrs. Shelia Washington
Chief Financial Officer
(501) 690-4554[email protected]
Dr. Ron Lindo, Jr.
CAO & Dean of Student Affairs
501-492-8395 (ext. 608)[email protected]
Ms. Tomiko Davis
Director of Admissions and Student Records
1 (901) 214-8451[email protected]
Mrs. Audra Hinton
Financial Aid Coordinator
(501) 375-6305[email protected]
Library Resources
Mr. Dessalines Agginie
[email protected]
Mrs. Laura Holt
[email protected]
Rev. Charlene N. Boone
Full Time Faculty (B.A. of Biblical Studies Program)
(270) 564-4448[email protected]
Rev. Dr. Michael Chism
Full Time Faculty (Master of Divinity)
215-278-5907[email protected]